BKB is heavily involved in the western region of the country, where nutrient-rich terrain lends itself to healthy livestock.
They offer the following specialised services:

Commercial stock

Stud stock

Dairy herds

Total dispersal

Deceased estates

General equipment

Fixed property

Insolvent estates

Contact numbers for BKB Western Region are:


P.O. Box 3 , Paarl , 7620
TEL: (021) 807 8900
FAX: (086) 206 5236
EMAIL: bkb.weskaap@bkb.co.za


P.O. Box 3264, Paarl, 7620
100 Cecilia St, Paarl, 7646
TEL: (021) 872 6533
FAX: (086) 206 6239
EMAIL: info@homeandhectare.com


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