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Highveld Auction Centre: The Heart of a Thriving Community

14 September 2023

Having opened in 2022, the state-of-the-art Highveld Auction Centre – operated by BKB Livestock – has quickly earned its place in the heart of the Standerton community, awakening the great potential of livestock trade in the area. Cutting-edge facilities and an unwavering commitment to excellence make the centre the preferred choice for seamless and secure livestock trading.  

BKB's investment into this facility is the fruition of it's vision to uplift the Standerton community by introducing local opportunities for producers, contributing towards job creation, and securing wealth into the future.

The Core of the Livestock Community

The Highveld Auction Centre brings together both large- and small-scale producers from near and far. As an aggregation point for small lots, it streamlines the trading process, which helps buyers conveniently assess a variety of lots in one place and helps sellers market their livestock efficiently.

Livestock trading in the area has been redefined by simultaneous auctions, in which multiple auction houses conduct their sales at the same time. This has resulted in a vibrant and effective market ecosystem that benefits both buyers and sellers in terms of convenience and cost-efficiencies. Furthermore, it creates an active hub of commerce for the community, serving as an economic epicentre that prioritises the well-being of livestock and provides secure and trusted trading practices.

aerial view of Highveld auction

Rigorous Biosecurity Measures

Livestock is protected by a set of stringent protocols:

  • The centre's structures undergo regular, fastidious disinfection to maintain a clean and safe environment, and after each auction, the entire complex undergoes a thorough post-auction disinfection using appropriate cleaning agents.
  • On arrival and departure, vehicle tyres are meticulously sterilised to provide a robust defence against viruses, particularly foot-and-mouth disease.
  • Strict access control ensures that only authorised personnel enter the premises.
  • Within the complex, "clean" and "dirty" areas have been thoughtfully separated. These are clearly distinguished by biosecurity fencing, and biosecurity rules are enforced by strategically placed footpaths that prevent workers from moving between "clean" and "dirty" areas.
  • All pens are equipped with a water supply system to ensure livestock have free access to clean and fresh water.
  • Disease-free transactions are guaranteed, as livestock without the necessary health documentation is barred from entry.

 Innovative Design

In addition to these practices and infrastructure innovations, the centre also offers safe loading docks, engineered with the animals' safety in mind. As well as superb viewing pens, which enable thorough inspection of the livestock, and comfortable auction pavilions.

These features focused on livestock health and the auction experience elevate the Highveld Auction Centre to South Africa's most modern and user-friendly auction centre.

highveld auction facilities

Exceptional Amenities

Conveniently located in Standerton, which boasts a variety of guest houses and conference centres, the facility's ease of access to the public makes it an ideal destination for annual meetings and events.

A reliable power supply, with backup generators and free Wi-Fi, ensures uninterrupted proceedings. Ample, efficient parking; well-maintained ablution facilities; a fully equipped modern kitchen and an inviting cafeteria offering a delightful dining experience add to the centre's attraction.

At the same time, visitors can rest easy in the knowledge that their well-being and security, and that of their animals, is assured. Safety and adherence to regulations are paramount at the Highveld Auction Centre. Protection is provided by trained security guards and a comprehensive security system, including alarms and cameras, as well as the centre's firm adherence to all departmental regulations relating to fly and rodent control, disinfection, and manure removal.

A Premium Experience

The Highveld Auction Centre exemplifies BKB Livestock's unwavering dedication to excellence. We're proud of the role we play in uniting participants in the livestock auction industry, and we're thrilled to welcome seasoned traders and new participants to Standerton and the very best auction experience in the country.