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Sustainable standards - RWS & RMS

07 August 2023

BKB plays a pivotal role in facilitating responsible wool and mohair production in South Africa, as our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is reflected in our participation in the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS). These standards, established by Textile Exchange, are dedicated to improving animal welfare, the health of the land on which they graze as well as social welfare.


To uphold these high standards, every site involved in the fibre production process, from our farmers to the final business-to-business sellers, undergoes rigorous certification. This ensures that each step of the supply chain aligns with the principles of responsible production. Our farmers are thoroughly evaluated on their animal welfare practices, land management techniques, and social responsibilities.


By adhering to the RWS and RMS, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical practices in wool and mohair production. We understand the importance of caring for both the animals and the environment they rely on. Our participation in these standards not only ensures that our fibres meet the highest quality requirements globally, but also provides assurance to our customers that they are supporting a responsible and conscientious supply chain. 


As one of the largest suppliers of this responsible fibre to the market, we take pride in our role as a leader in promoting sustainable and ethical practices within the industry. By supporting BKB, our customers can be confident in their choice of responsibly produced wool and mohair, contributing to a more sustainable future for the industry and the planet as a whole. 

Recognizing the importance of impartial and professional assessments, BKB have entrusted the task of annual farm auditing to the South African Meat Industry Company (SAMIC). As an independent third-party entity, SAMIC conducts thorough audits, meticulously evaluating our farmers' adherence to the standards and providing an additional layer of credibility to our program. Through these annual audits, we uphold transparency, accountability, and the highest levels of integrity in our commitment to responsible wool and mohair production. This partnership with SAMIC reinforces our dedication to maintaining the integrity of our responsible fibre program, assuring our customers that their choice of BKB represents a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. 

Should you wish to become certified, please contact Jaco Botha on +27664828607 or