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We pride ourselves in having secured the widest and deepest-rooted footprint across our agricultural landscape.

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Our values, core competencies and reputation ensure the sustainability of our long-term competitive advantage with particular focus on:

  • Wool and Mohair Brokerage Services
  • Livestock, Auctioneering and Sales
  • Property, Sales, and Leasing
  • Retail Shops and Fuel
  • Grain Storage and Handling
  • Grit Mills
  • Sugar Processing and Packaging
  • Financing
  • Decision Support Services
BKB Group
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The BKB Group has developed into an organization where our people are our differentiating factor, with common values that are underpinned by integrity. We encourage a growth mindset and acknowledge exceptional performance. We also encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and constant renewal. In understanding the impact we have on mother nature, we are committed to rethink, revive and conduct our business in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. BKB Ltd is, at its core, profit-driven in the interest of all stakeholders, with a major stake held by primary producers and agricultural groupings.

We are subject to the agri-sector specific scorecard for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE). We, therefore, proactively implement policies that are in accordance with the required BBBEE guidelines. These policies promote equitable human resource practices for greater inclusivity amongst all groups.

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Our Retail Shops are a trusted one-stop shop for farmers, camping or outdoors enthusiasts, DIYers, pet owners and gardeners. We are committed to supplying quality products throughout our wide range at best-in-country prices and to building lasting and fruitful relationships with our customers.


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PaKHouse Brands is the holding company of the grain storage and processing as well as consumer goods subsidiaries within the BKB Group and has interests in various supply chains from producer to consumer. The main activities of PaKHouse Brands are related to various products that include grain, sugar and a diverse range of consumer goods. These activities include procurement, storage, processing, and marketing functions.

The company owns world-class storage and processing facilities, all of which are operated in accordance with various accredited standards and best practices. Production and storage facilities are strategically located throughout South Africa and Eswatini. The Group’s scale and footprint ensures the sourcing of quality raw materials and products, while also providing producers access to a wide range of markets.

PaKHouse Brands comprises of PaKHouse Foods, Grain Storage & Handling and Gritco.


PaKHouse Foods

Top quality and great value are the key drivers for Atlanta Products’ success story of a trusted and sustainable future.

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