Manufacturing, Sales, and Distribution of Yellow Maize Products

Gritco produces high quality yellow grits, yellow maize meal and yellow maize flour for the Southern African market.

Gritco’s manufacturing plant is based in Bethlehem in the Eastern Free State. The mill is ideally situated in the heart of the South African yellow maize production area. Bethlehem is perfectly located for distribution to the main snack manufacturing regions in South Africa.


A Member of the Grainco Group

The Bethlehem mill has a production capacity of 21 tons per hour and produces more than 140 000 tons of product annually. Most of the mill’s output is used to manufacture breakfast cereals and maize-based snack foods. The balance of the mill’s output is sold as chop, a common ingredient in animal feeds. Maize flour used in the production of soups, gravy’s, sauces, and as staple food in certain African countries. Lastly yellow maize meal, used as a staple food in South Africa.

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