Two-way communication is vitally important within our work environment and is one of the most crucial elements of engagement.


When communication is authentic and constant it facilitates trust between leadership and employees, builds internal brand loyalty, and offers more opportunities for continued growth. This type of communication continues to build a culture of collaboration, transparency and trust. To encourage and initiate two-way communication within BKB, we have implemented what’s known as “Campfire Chats”.

Campfire Chats are informal bi-monthly team conversations held with the line manager where employees can feel comfortable and welcome to raise their concerns, provide valuable feedback, ask questions, and offer ideas or innovations.

The significance of health and safety in our daily lives cannot be overstated. It is crucial to ensure that we are taking every possible measure to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses in our work environments. Our Health & Safety Talks are aimed at raising awareness about the importance of health and safety, providing helpful tips, and encouraging everyone to make it a priority in their daily lives.

Communicating together will have a great impact on our work environment.

Anonymously Report

Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd is an independent subscription service, offering a 24/7 free call facility enabling employees or third parties to anonymously blow the whistle on irregularities within a company. They have been trusted for more than 18 years by clients and whistleblowers in handling confidential disclosures.


SMS Short Code: 33490
Toll-free Number: 0800 111 076
Toll-free Fax: 0800 212 689

Learning and

We have a range of training that is offered to our employees. From leadership development, supervisory training, various soft skills training, retail training, technical training, compliance training and agriculture courses.