Our Vision and
Mission for a
Better Tomorrow

At BKB, our unwavering commitment lies in shaping
a better tomorrow through our visionary approach and purpose-driven mission.

Values and

We pride ourselves in being a high performing organisation that puts its people first. Our best practice processes act as enablers to our people, empowering each individual to grow within the organisation.

The Group’s focus on employee training as part of the employee value proposition allows BKB to attract and retain a high-quality workforce, reduces employee turnover, and improves customer satisfaction and efficiencies in our business. We are constantly striving to enhance the level of interaction and relationships with our employees to ensure continued advocacy and employee engagement.


2 436

Employees of which 651 are
female and 37 are employees
with disabilities.


Recipients of training.
120 learners in eight
learnership initiatives and
12 employees undergoing
tertiary study.

R1 Million

Contributed to the BKB
educational bursary trust
supporting 149 children with
school and tuition fees.

Sustainable business practices start with our approach to people and nature.

We recognise the landscape we’re operating in is changing & BKB plays a pivotal role in facilitating sustainable practices.

Vision and

Our values are simple, concrete, meaningful and capture the essence of our culture, who we are and how we interact with one another. This speaks of how we go to market and our commitment to delivering a culture of excellence to all stakeholders as the Trusted Home of Agriculture.

Our Vision
To craft agri-business through trust and shared values.

Our Mission 
Maximising value creation through innovation and efficiency.


BKB’s Annual Report seeks to provide information and disclosures that are of interest to all stakeholders. Content is informed by BKB’s value-adding business model, strategies, risk assessments, opportunities, governance practices and operational and financial results.