BKB Disclaimer

Bank Account Details

Fraudsters are using phishing emails to steal usernames and passwords, allowing them to hack personal or business accounts. They then troll and monitor email accounts for the opportunity to intercept an invoice. The fraudsters then change the bank details on the invoice and send it on for payment. This type of fraud is typically perpetrated using emails or letters that appear to be largely identical to letters or emails that may be sent to you by a business you are dealing with. This can happen to you in your dealings with BKB as well.  

Please note that BKB Limited or any of its subsidiaries’ bank account details will never change or, in the event that it does, you will never be notified thereof by email or other electronic correspondence.



you are strongly advised to verify the bank details provided telephonically and before you pay.

You can do so by phoning any BKB branch or BKB official dealing with your matter.

Please note that if you have failed to verify bank account details and continue to make payment into a fraudulent account, you will have no recourse against BKB; BKB will not accept liability for any loss and any amount due to BKB will remain due and payable by you.