Laying Fertile Ground
for Investment

Built on trust and shared values, our commitment is to nurture not only thriving yields but also substantial returns on your investment.

Building on over a
100 years of trust

A commitment to core values and innovative agri-solutions have over the years transformed BKB Limited into a leader in the Agri-Industry, the BKB Group, the Trusted Home of Agriculture. Our values, core competencies and reputation ensure the sustainability of our long-term competitive advantage.




Totaling R330,6 million
(2022: R299 million)

R138,3 M

Headline Earnings

(2022: R124,7 million)

176 Cents

Headline Earnings Per Share

(2022: 158 cents)

Financial Results

The Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the BKB Group's performance and activities during the specified fiscal year. It serves as a communication tool to engage stakeholders and provide them with a deeper understanding of the Group's business operations and its broader impact.