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A Commitment to Prosperity

14 September 2023

BKB Livestock demonstrates its dedication to the success of livestock communities in South Africa with unrelenting improvements and invaluable help and support in turning potential into true prosperity. These tireless efforts bring exciting news for Potchefstroom and Jozini.

A State-Of-The-Art Auction Centre for Potch  

Following the success of the renowned Highveld Auction Centre, the Potch Auction Centre is enjoying a significant upgrade. Expected to match the impressive standards set by the flagship facility in Standerton, the Potchchefstroom Centre will be completed in September 2023.

The Potch community will soon have convenient access to modern auction facilities innovatively designed to ensure premium levels of comfort, well-being, security, as well as the additional trading opportunities the revamped centre will attract.

Read more about what to expect in Potch in this post about the Highveld Auction Centre.

Jozini Emerges as a Regional Hub

In the four years BKB Livestock has been working with the livestock community of Jozini, Jozini has grown to become a stronghold for livestock trading in the region. With an auction now held monthly over two full days, it has proven itself to be a key player in BKB’s agricultural strategy.

Furthermore, exciting prospects of a feedlot and an abattoir – collaborations between the Jozini and the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture – are under investigation. BKB Livestock is committed to fostering community partnerships and agricultural growth and will continue to champion these projects toward fruition.

Auction Centre Success Begins with Biosecurity

A critical element of a thriving auction centre – prioritised by BKB Livestock and underpinning Jozini’s rapid growth – is our unequivocal focus on biosecurity. It is of utmost importance that traders feel confident in bringing their animals to or buying from our markets. The trust we’ve built throughout our history is safeguarded by stringent adherence to biosecurity protocols.

The control and prevention measures we follow are outlined in the Government Gazette, dated November 13, 2020, and established by APAC (Animal Production and Animal Health Council). Practices like vehicle and people sanitisation, meticulous animal inspections, clear separation of “clean” and “dirty” areas, and quarantine pens have been integrated into BKB’s fixed point auction sites, and owners contribute significantly to biosecurity at auctions by adhering to these essential measures:


Owners must complete and submit the following documents at each auction:

  • Identification of animals
  • Transport contractor details (if used)
  • Health declarations
  • Branding certificates
  • Valid ID copies matching the branding certificates

Animal Branding

All animals brought to auction must be branded or tattooed for clear identification.

Health and Inspection

Sick animals are barred from our auction centres. Every animal on the auction site will undergo a rigorous inspection by a veterinary officer or biosecurity practitioner.

BKB Livestock places great importance on co-operation in maintaining stringent biosecurity practices to control and prevent animal disease. We invite owners to reach out to their nearest veterinarian or biosecurity practitioner for more information or clarification on the measures we apply.

men in BKB work outfits

BKB Leads the Way

Modernisation of our auction centres, our support of community partnerships, and our immovable stance on biosecurity practices are all part of our drive to create modern, secure, efficient commerce centres and prosperous livestock communities across South Africa.