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Listing of BKB limited on the Cape Town Stock Exchange

29 March 2022

On the 10th of March 2022, the BKB Group listed on the Cape Town Stock Exchange. We have been in existence for 103 years and since 1998 we have been a publicly-traded company. In order to be the Trusted Home of Agriculture for another century, we have decided to make the big leap.


Although our stocks have been available for purchase to the public for a long time, we have decided to move our company to the CTSE Equity Market to simplify the trading of stocks in our company.


“Apart from the reason that we have about 4600 shareholders which will make it much easier for them to trade shares, and for the price discovery around that, we have a more public face now and there is some regulation that the exchange put in place which is also good for the company…" Johan Stumpf, Managing Director, comments on the recent listing of BKB on the Cape Town Stock Exchange.