Opportunity is in our hands.


The environment is in our hands.





At BKB we support a culture of constant renewal and we are looking for innovative ways in which we can be better at what we do. We therefore encourage all BKB employees to act like entrepreneurs in their own divisions by always looking for new solutions and sharing ideas. The real power of making a proclamation doesn’t just come from external sources, but from inside you.

Be pro-active, share ideas, be innovative & become a problem solver.


Profit is the driving force behind any business. It allows a business to grow and creates job opportunities for each of us. Without it there would be no reason to work. At BKB we therefore have to place great emphasis on working in a cost effective way to help BKB operate profitably. We need to do this in a sustainable way in the best interest of all our stakeholders. In a responsible and accountable manner each of us can make a difference to ensure the company has a healthy bank balance.
This will in turn offer job security and a future for us all. Becoming profitable is not only up to management and the sales staff. It takes all of us. Let’s stand together to support and grow BKB, the agricultural industry and ourselves.

Work smarter, sell harder, be productive and don't waste.

Open to all BKB employees and clients.

Let’s celebrate those who make things happen, who make a difference in the lives of their colleagues and clients.

Nominate a colleague or BKB employee who carries out BKB Values in their daily role.

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Nominate a colleague or BKB employee

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Service Excellence

Drive Earnings

Encourage Entrepreneurship

Value Employees

Conserve the Environment

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