How to Register – guide

How to Register - guide


On the BKB website ( you will find ‘Our Client Portal – BKB – Interactive Zone’. Please click on the link.


Click on Register a new user?


Please fill in the following information as requested.
  • Make sure your Password includes a capital letter, a numeral, an alphanumeric and a symbol for example Bkb@2015!
  • Once you have completed the registration an email will be send to the BKB Data Capturing Department, who will verify your registration. They will also link your account to your profile.
  • Once the registration process is completed and the account linked, you will find your Point-of-Sale invoices and account statements under the Documents tab.

What you will see:

You will be able to download the statements which will be in the standard BKB format.
The Point-of-Sale Invoices are available under POS Invoices.