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Tips for selling your property

Tips for selling your farm online

1. Know where to go. Online marketing is growing at a rapid pace, so selling farmland is possible when you have the knowledge of the various trusted Online Marketing Agents in South Africa.

2. Consider what to advertise online. Highlight the main factors that make your farmland stand out from your competitors.

3. Establish a loyalty factor. Buyers want an honest deal, so don’t be afraid to mention the minor maintenance issues.

4. Research the market. Make sure your price can compete against the rest, especially against farmers in nearby areas.

5. BKB Properties is an expert in rural and farmland properties. BKB Properties provides exposure for the farmland you want to sell and provides outreach services thanks to its large networks of buyers and financial lending institutions.


Tips for selling your property online

1. Decide on whether to work independently. Not all real estate offices have an online presence, so this will narrow down your options. When trying to sell independently you may have to acquaint yourself with important factors, such as government requirements and tax laws.

2. It is important that you know the zonal and market value of the property you are selling.

3. If your property still requires some maintenance, do not be in a hurry to advertise it online.

4. Add as many images of the property you are selling as you can. This gives the buyer the freedom to see what they are buying without being physically there.

5.  Establish a Sale Agreement with the buyer.