Life Cover

Life Cover benefit pays out the full sum assured as a lump sum in the event of death.
Automatically included features make this more than just life cover:

  • Interim Accident benefit: Up to R500 000 cover amount is available in the event of accidental death within 30 days of us receiving the application to the date that the policy is accepted or declined.
  • Family Funeral benefit: In the event of the death of the insured, their spouse or their children. Cover is limited to R20 000 for the life insured (which is accelerated off their death cover), R20 000 for spouses and R10 000 per child, with up to 4 children being covered. Payments for spouses and children don’t affect the insured’s benefit amount.
  • Terminal Illness benefit: In the event that the insured contracts a terminal illness (with 12 months or less to live), 100% of the death benefit can be claimed in advance.

There is no predetermined maximum amount of cover as each application is assessed individually.

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