Gritco is the manufacturer of choice for grits in the South African market.
Extracted mostly from yellow maize, grits is the primary component in a variety of breakfast cereals and maize snacks. The ancillary products resulting from manufacturing include maize flour and chop, a common ingredient in cattle feed.
We are located in Bultfontein, in the heart of the maize country, ensuring a consistent supply of the most appropriate qualities that is required. Moreover, it also serves as a central distribution point, delivering effectively nationwide. The mill has recently been renovated and boasts the newest and best in the field of technology to provide product to the market. Ensuring further quality, ISO and HACCP requirements are strictly adhered to.
With an annual capacity of 60,000 tons, a well-developed infrastructure, an experienced and professional workforce and national representation, Gritco is well positioned for further expansion.
The current customer base includes blue chip customers like Pioneer and Messaris.