Grainco Trading

GrainCo is a grain merchant that deals in South African grain commodities. These products include wheat, maize, sunflower seeds, canola, proteins and feed grains such as oats, feed barley and lupines. GrainCo’s market focus is the management of the supply chain between the producer and the processor. It is our business to lower the costs of this chain and to facilitate the smoothest possible flow of commodities between the producer and the processor. We have a strong annual market growth due to the fact that our philosophy is rooted in the belief that our very right of existence is to add value to our clients. GrainCo’s biggest advantage is its capable staff who believe that GrainCo is something special. This highly effective team understands that knowledge can only be valuable when it can be transformed into competitiveness. Consistency in our actions is important to us and our clients can bear witness that transactions are sometimes concluded with boring consistency. GrainCo regards the building of long-term relationships to be of utmost importance and these relationships form the pillars on which GrainCo is built. There are three parties concerned who are important in this regard, namely:

  • the producer who is the starting point in the food chain;
  • the processor who is the starting point of cash flow;
  • the complementaries of GrainCo such as the transport contractors, silo owners and financiers.
In a world where time only gets less, companies get bigger and farming isn’t the same as in the recent past, we know that success depends on people. Respect for the individual is the centre of GrainCo’s core values and we believe that a successful business starts and ends with the individual.