About Efficient Advise

BKB AgriFin, in strategic partnership with Efficient Advise, now offers you the most comprehensive financial services to help you make the right decisions. These products and services are tailor-made to professionals in the agriculture sector.

We offer insurance, employee benefits and asset finance, and together, we are committed to helping you get the best financial advice possible.

Asset Finance

The finance of agricultural assets is becoming an increasingly essential tool for the farmer looking to make the best of their available resources. Through the strategic agreement with Efficient Advise, BKB Agrifin offers clients competitive and effective financing solutions for machinery, equipment and vehicles. Asset finance enables the BKB client to access and apply the latest technology whilst minimising the impact on a business’ cash flow.

Efficient/BKB Agrifin Benefits:

  • Financing solutions for productive assets, vehicles and solar energy solutions

  • Simplified and effective asset finance process

  • Dedicated asset finance specialists

  • Competitive variable interest rate

  • Choice of repayment options to match your cash flow


  • Tractors, harvesters, on-farm storage/silos, haymaking/silage, swathing, spraying, irrigation, seeding and tillage equipment.

  • Business vehicles, ATV’s, 4WDs, trucks, earthmoving and handling equipment.

  • Milk tanks, dairy equipment, automatic feed units and grain storage bins

  • Grading equipment, spraying units and spreaders

Employee Benefits

BKB Agrifin and Efficient Advise, in consultation with South Africa’s leading Employee Benefits consultancy services, developed a solution that will cater for your agri business’ specific employee benefits assessment, implementation and ongoing management needs.

Our services include the provision of specialist staff that are able to consult on a host of alternatives including stand-alone and umbrella funds as well as all related employee investment and risk benefit requirements.

Efficient/BKB Agrifin Benefits:

  • A single point of access for multiple solutions

  • Accredited and qualified employee benefits advisors

  • Independent and unbiased analysis and advice

  • Ongoing review and relationship management process


  • Stand-alone and Umbrella Funds

  • A comprehensive range of investment alternatives

  • A comprehensive comparative analysis in respect of risk benefits

  • An industry leading administrative platform and support infrastructure

  • Dedicated member training and business consultancy services

Short Term Insurance

Although short-term insurance is an extremely important aspect of financial planning and ultimately wealth protection, it is often not assessed as comprehensively as the myriad of other personal financial needs and seldom forms part of a comprehensive financial plan.Short-term insurance forms an integral part of ensuring your financial well-being. For this reason Efficient Advise has designed a short-term insurance offering, with best of breed risk analysis, assessment and pricing capabilities, to cater for the diverse needs of BKB clients at a personal and agri business level.

Efficient/BKB Agrifin Benefits:

  • A single point of entry for multiple solutions

  • Professional and qualified insurance advisors

  • Thorough and detailed risk assessments

  • Annual review and re-pricing process


  • Specialised crop insurance

  • Comprehensive agri asset insurance

  • Homeowners cover

  • Household cover

  • Vehicle cover

  • All risks cover

  • Personal liability cover


The investment environment offers an extremely wide range of alternative investment options, each designed to accommodate specific needs, and each with their own risk, return, term, tax and legal characteristics. Understanding the multitude of factors and requirements relevant to different types of investments can be an extremely daunting task and can have a significant impact on the eventual outcome of any individual investment strategy. Efficient Advise, through its own specialist investment management affiliates and via a wide range of third party investment management specialists, offers a range of investment options to suit the needs of BKB clients.

Efficient/BKB Agrifin Benefits:

  • A dedicated Certified Financial Planner allocated to every client

  • Investment approval through a high profile and independent Investment Committee

  • A detailed and ongoing risk and needs analysis process

  • Access to a broad range of approved investment products and services through a single point of contact


  • Personal share portfolios

  • Wide range of approved unit trust funds

  • Wide range of approved funds of funds

  • Structured products

  • Multiple investment platforms for discretionary and compulsory funds

Risk Insurance

Farming is more than a business. It is about leaving a legacy for future generations. This is why long-term risk insurance is an essential part of your financial and estate planning. It provides you with the financial backup to mitigate risk.

Agri businesses operate in a higher-risk industry, exposed to unpredictable market and weather conditions, and often this makes it very difficult for farmers to access finance and manage their cash flow. In association with a leading specialist risk product provider, we have constructed an offering for BKB clients to provide insurance solutions for unique clients, such as farmers.

The Efficient Advise / BKB AgriFin product offers you:

  • Life cover is the foundation of your Personal Cover Plan and it is available as whole or life cover.

  • Critical Illness cover offers cover to the life insured should they develop or contract a critical illness. The four main critical illness conditions — heart attack, cancer, stroke and coronary artery disease — are covered under our three main critical illness benefits: Basic, Core, and Comprehensive.

  • Disability cover ranges from occupational disability to impairment cover for those who don’t qualify for occupational disability.

  • Flexible cover allows you to access additional cover at a time when you might need it most. The benefit puts you in the driver’s seat as it allows you to increase or decrease cover if your circumstances change.

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