25th Jun 2020

Digital store lamb sale report – 22 June 2020

The week of June 22nd 2020 saw a continuation of high prices on Store Lambs due to the shortage in market supply, with Fat Lambs again fetching favourably good prices. We are expecting the shortage of [...]
24th Jun 2020

Long term detrended, deflated Merino prices

Historic prices are often used to gain some perspective on current price levels. However, through history, different factors influence commodity prices. This article takes a look at the average Merino micron price [...]
19th Jun 2020

Wool Market Report – 17 June 2020

On the 29th wool auction of the 2019/2020 sale season, the merino wool market indicator decreased by 4,2% to close on 14233c per kg clean wool. The average clean wool market indicators for good quality long [...]
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