11th Jun 2020

Wool Market Report – 11 June 2020

On the 28th wool auction of the 2019/2020 sale season, the merino wool market indicator increased by 4,1% to close on 14855c per kg clean wool. The average clean wool market indicators for good quality long [...]
11th Jun 2020

Digital store lamb sale report – 8 June 2020

On Monday, 8 June 2020 we held our weekly digital store lamb sale. We had yet another positive week in terms of favourable prices. The continued high demand for store lambs due to a shortage in supply meant [...]
10th Jun 2020

Sentraal Brangus Simulcast veiling

Ten spyte van streng COVID-19 maatreëls kon die BKB SHIFT DX en BKB Louwid span op Donderdag, 28 Mei 2020, 'n suksesvolle veiling saam met Sentraal Streek Brangus aanbied. Terwyl hierdie die 7de [...]
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