18th May 2021

Digital Store Lamb Sale – 14 May 2021

Monday the 10th of May saw yet another successful weekly BKB Store Lamb sale. On offer this week were over 3500 small stock. As the store lamb market slowly starts to see more and more lambs enter the market, we are expecting to see the continued demand keep prices favourable. Please refer to the graphic for latest auction prices. The digital auction stats saw an uptick, with a total number of 38 internet bidders participate in the auction, and a total of 101 online viewers who kept a close eye on the sale proceedings [...]
12th May 2021

Mohair Market Report – 11 May 2021

The 5th mohair sale of the summer 2021 selling season was full of surprises. Nobody expected that the size of sale will be like the previous two big sales[...]
6th May 2021

Wool Market Report – 5 May 2021

On the 31st wool auction of the 2020/2021 sale season, the merino wool market indicator increased by 0,9% to close on 16414c per kg clean wool[...]
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