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BKB is the product of a large number of wool and mohair brokers, who over the past one hundred years have amalgamated into one organization. BKB markets an excess of 62% of the South African wool clip and 35% of mohair produced. BKB practices centralized selling for both wool and mohair in Port Elizabeth. During the selling season weekly sales are conducted for wool and biweekly for mohair. BKB’s warehouses are equipped to collect samples of both wool and mohair for objective measurement by the South African Wool Testing Bureau. The warehouses are also equipped to press wool and mohair to high density for shipment. Sophisticated computer installations ensure a quality service to producers and buyers for the handling of wool and mohair from the point of receipt to the day of delivery. BKB strives for contamination free wool and mohair – from shearing shed to sale floor. BKB subscribes to the South African National Wool Growers Association’s wool classing standards. BKB wool & mohair operations are operated under ISO 9001:2008 specifications.

Mohair History

Angora Goats In 1839, the Mosenthal family first imported angora goats from Turkey. The region in Turkey where the goats came from is called Ankara or Angora, hence the name ‘angora goat’. These goats, two ewes and one ram arrived, accompanied by their Turkish handlers. On arrival in Port Elizabeth, it was discovered that the ram had been sterilised prior to leaving Turkey but one of the two ewes was later found to be pregnant and gave birth to a ram kid, which was the start of our South African Mohair clip. An interesting fact is that in 1988 there were 2,9 million angora goats which produced 12,2 million kilograms of mohair.

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BKB Mohair – Mohair Sale Roster
The following files and documents are available for download:

Mohair Sale Roster 2015-2016

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